Restoration Triumph: 1966 Holden HR Premier Sedan

Restoration Triumph: 1966 Holden HR Premier Sedan

In the world of classic car enthusiasts, the story of Stewart Pope’s 1966 HR Premier Sedan stands out as a testament to passion, dedication, and family collaboration. Purchased in May 2013, this vintage gem underwent a transformative journey, marked by meticulous restoration efforts, personal touch, and a deep connection to automotive craftsmanship.

The Day of Transformation:

The moment Stewart brought home his 1966 HR Premier Sedan marked the beginning of an extraordinary project. Without wasting any time, he embarked on a mission to restore this classic beauty to its former glory. Stripping it down on the very same day of purchase, Pope’s commitment to the project was evident from the start.

Rust Be Gone:

One of the initial challenges Stewart faced was rust, a common foe for classic car restorers. Undeterred, he took on the task of cutting out all the rust, ensuring the floors and the shell were in impeccable condition. This hands-on approach showcased not only his skills but also a personal connection to the car’s resurrection.

1966 HR Holden Premier


Skillful Replacements:

The restoration journey included replacing the rear door skins, with each step carefully executed by Stewart himself. This level of involvement speaks volumes about his dedication and the desire to breathe new life into every inch of the vehicle.

Heartbeat of the Classic:

Under the hood, the HR Premier boasts a 202 HQ red block with a distinctive touch – a blue crank and rods. Enhancing its performance, the engine features a 12-port 173 hi-comp head and triple 45 Webers. This amalgamation of power and precision exemplifies the artistry of classic car customization.

1966 HR Holden Premier

Beyond Aesthetics:

While the exterior restoration was a labour of love, the interior received equal attention. The inclusion of electric windows, vintage air-conditioning, central locking, and a discreetly hidden stereo with sub and amp, showcases a seamless blend of modern convenience within a classic framework.

Road-Ready Features:

Ensuring a smooth and powerful ride, Pope equipped his HR Premier with a Trimatic transmission boasting a 2000 stall. The Hopper Stopper front brakes and standard rear brakes guarantee optimal stopping power. Complementing these features is a 355 LSD banjo differential, contributing to a driving experience that resonates with both vintage charm and contemporary performance.

Wheels of Distinction:

The finishing touch to this remarkable restoration project lies in the custom-made wheels – inner and outers designed to suit the HR Premier perfectly. These wheels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also reflect Pope’s commitment to every detail of his beloved classic.

1966 HR Holden Premier

A Family Affair:

Behind every successful project is a support system, and Stewart Pope extends a special thanks to his father, Ross Pope, for his invaluable assistance throughout the restoration process. The collaborative effort of father and son adds a heartwarming layer to the narrative, emphasizing the familial bond intertwined with the car’s journey.

After years of dedication and hard work, Stewart’s 1966 HR Premier Sedan emerged from its cocoon in April 2016, a shining example of a successful classic car restoration. This triumphant journey not only showcases a beautiful vintage vehicle but also serves as an inspiration for enthusiasts, encouraging them to embark on their own automotive adventures.

1966 HR Holden Premier

Stewart’s HR Premier Sedan stands not only as a restored classic car but as a symbol of passion, perseverance, and the joy that comes from breathing new life into a piece of automotive history. This tale of restoration is a celebration of craftsmanship, family bonds, and the enduring allure of vintage automobiles.

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